What to Expect

During Your First Massage Session with Joan

If you are new to massage, here are a few questions you may have, and some quick answers:

Q: Do I need to fill out a form?

A:  Yes. After scheduling your first appointment, you will receive an email that includes a health intake form and office policy information. I use your responses to customize each session to your needs, making sure you have a safe as well as effective therapeutic massage.


Q: Do I have to get undressed?

A:  For most sessions, the answer is yes. Many people remove all but underclothes while others will undress completely. I recommend you undress to your level of comfort. You will be draped at all times. To maintain your privacy and comfort, I only undrape the area that I am working on.

Q: Can I talk during the session?

A: It is your session so choose whatever works best for you. It is okay to be quiet and float away in your head or to ask questions as they come to you. Again, it is your session so I will adapt to your preference.

Q: What about after my session?

A: It’s great if you can keep a low-stress schedule for the rest of the day, but many clients report feeling energized, renewed, and ready to take on the day. Let your body guide you.

Q: Will my insurance pay for my sessions? 

A:  I do not accept any form of insurance. I am happy to provide you with receipts that you may use for filing for reimbursement if that is an option for you

Q: What about tipping? 

A: While tipping is customary in other massage settings at salons and spas, it is not expected here. Your referral of my work to others is the best tip I could receive.

Q: How often should I receive massage?

A: Great question and one that comes up often. It is best answered by determining what your goal is in regard to your wellness plans. Many people come in initially to address a specific problem and then continue on with massage for maintenance. It may take one or more visits to resolve specific problems completely. I suggest coming in more frequently at first. Then, as you start to experience the benefit in symptom reduction, you can begin to space out your sessions in a way that works best for you. For general preventive/wellness care, I recommend you schedule a massage session every 3-4 weeks.