Oncology & Integrative Massage

Oncology Massage Therapy

Are you looking for help with relaxation, symptom management, or stress relief? Oncology massage therapy can be safe and effective supportive care whether you are currently undergoing cancer treatment or are years post-treatment.

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Integrative Therapeutic Massage

Self-care is essential, not an indulgence. It is an intentional investment in your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Integrative therapeutic massage can be a big part of essential self-care, helping you to feel your best.

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About Joan

I believe in the restorative power of touch. The physical benefits of massage are many, but I’m equally interested in the ways touch can be mentally and emotionally transformative. It’s as if a door opens and lets us take a peek at who we could be if we had less stress, anxiety, or pain in our lives.

When I work with you, I bring my experience and intuition to cultivate the most relaxing and restorative experience possible. I collaborate with each client to focus on the symptoms or side effects that most matter to them. When a massage session is designed with your unique needs in mind, it gives you a chance to be still, and allow for a supportive connection between mind and body.

Joan Rau, LMT
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